Every day we are working, everyone must work to rolling the society, even more than that to rolling this planet.
That’s not easy work, and more complicated nowadays.

Because we are now open, we are working now with more people with a mean different culture, different language, different levels…
So to work with the most different types of people, we are must open, open to talking, open to listening, open to mind to mind.
There is nothing to add if everybody was willing to open, but none. At least one time we will work with someone who doesn’t open or who doesn’t the same field to open. Surely we like to work but seem we have a problem to open or to find the same open.
It looks like the problem comes from the recruiter or someone else. But No, the problem comes from any person who works and this is our time to think about our responsibility.

This is our time to think about our responsibility
Everyone must know their role, what they can do, what they care about. Same the puzzle, everyone is a single piece of the puzzle, and the successful company is to complete a larger puzzle and this is not just to get 1 million dollars. It’s not foremost cause when we can finish a larger puzzle, the value may be valued more than 1 billion dollars, but they don’t care that anymore.
So everyone must take their time to think, thinking about what they can do, and what they care about. It’s not superabundant, even to repeat it’s thousand times because that is the way to look deep inside, to ask tough questions for itself:
What I can do?
What do I care about?
For me, though a couple of times to think about it, I have some view of points.

For worker
Work is tiring, it’s true
I bet at least one time you thought that working is so tiring, that’s normal for some time but it’s usually rolling into your mind that is a problem, problem for you and for anyone you are working with.
Everything you are thinking will show into your eye, your face and your air around you that you may not see it. But some of them can saw it, for example, some of the animals or with someone with a sensitive sense. More than that, it’s lead you with the people the same with you. Imagine, did you ever near with a person with dangerous sense or always want to die.

Work is tiring
Work is tiring, it’s true but make it enjoyable
Work is tiring because they don’t know what they work for and their work doesn’t meet with their interests so even they finish their work with status and money. I bet they will feel empty after that.
So what we need to do is know what we are work for and what’s interests in this work. That’s sound seems to be easy to talk about, but it’s not for anyone who doesn’t take their time for it. It’s may take a lot of time of solitude for thyself, but it’s worth. Imagine, do you want to bury yourself with a lot of money but no one else will earn it that doesn’t really care about you.

Make it enjoyable
For Recruiter
Recruitment is really a hard job
They must find any resource, any person to meet with the company requirements. But there is a thousand-person out there with a thousand skills different and it’s not easy to scroll their mouse every day.
But did you ever have to experience that when you learned the new skill so fast that because you are really like that thing or that person? So the thing is, it’s not about to ask their skill, it is about to ask what group they are in.

What group you are in
The skills can upgrade faster with the right group and the right group comes from with the right of people and the right of people in the group up people with the same purpose.
So don’t ask me for the last skill because the people from the last and the current are different.
So don’t ask me for the last salary because being a valuable group is honored.
Recruitment is really a hard job but it’s interesting
Anyone can be a recruiter when they find someone to work for or to date for that they are a recruiter. They have the chance to interact with more people that If they are open people they will happy about it.
If they are a professional they are more like to listening, more like to understanding. This can lead them to anywhere in this world for just those skills.

This can lead them to anywhere in this world for just those skills
So Instead of asking the candidate the answers, you are expecting, show what your company is talking about every day. We both find people who can speak with the same subject, not to find people who are not to speak on the same subject even the same language.
**Real worker know**

  • A Real Worker have play stuff, they know their playing rules, they know when to play when to work. They know if they want a challenge they should join some of the tournaments instead of working with the playing mind.
  • A Real Worker if have a family with their own kid know when to take care of their kid when to work. They know their kid needs their space and they are also. They know if they like the kid they should be a nanny instead of working with the kidding mind.
  • A Real Worker know they should work with Real Worker, they have the sense to know who want to work and who don’t want to work. They care work really mean, why they work and work for what. They are afraid of working for task endless tasks that may lead them to do not see the Sun anyone.