The tech

Products/Technology of their country.
Mean it’s belong of others.
Who knows how can they created it.
Who knows when they left it.
Foreign trade/wholesale
If it’s broken it’s hard to fix.
If it expires it’s hard to recycle.

Products/Technology of our country.
Mean it belongs to us.
If we create it, we know how to build it.
If we know-how then we know right.
Trade/wholesale inside.
If it fails, we know how to fix it.
If it expires we know how to recover.

Tools of foreign.
Then of belongs to foreign.
Who knows how they control it.
Who knows how they use it.
Exchange/trade with them.
If it damages is hard to care.
If it fades is hard to calm down.

Tools of us.
Then it belongs to us.
Then we know how they control it.
Then we know how they use it.
Exchange/trade with us.
If it damages we can maintain.
If it fades we can backup.