The social

Facebook asks me:
“What’s on your mind?”
I post some other people’s thoughts/posts. (Hopefully, someone will know what I’m thinking.)

“What’s on your mind?”
I post some of the pictures I took. (Hopefully, someone stops 0.5 seconds of their life thinking about me)

“What’s on your mind?”
I post some a video I shot. (Hopefully, someone will watch the whole video and then think about me)

“What’s on your mind?”
I post some of the quotes from me or another. (Hopefully, someone will find out why I think so)

“What’s on your mind?”
I post some of the song of someone else. (Hopefully, someone who understands my feelings)

“What’s on your mind?”
I post what I wanted, what I liked, what I felt, how beautiful I was, what sickness, where I went, what I did, who I loved, who I hated… (Hopefully, someone will care my words)

I have such needs and ask others to respond to that. (If could)
That seems to be the main purpose of many people when “playing” Facebook, sharing needs rather than sharing personal opinions.

But it seems a little different from the main purpose of Mark Zuckerburg when creating Facebook – Connecting people together.

The same personal opinions is a necessary condition for a long-term connection. (But few seem to share it)

It seems that we are doing the opposite, instead of sharing needs in real life, we sharing needs on Facebook. (Desire to share)

And instead of sharing personal opinions on Facebook, we share personal opinions in real life. (Understanding each other’s personal opinions can take quite a bit of time)

The connection is the most important thing, time is the most valuable thing.

Technology created to connect and save the user’s time. (But why are we still hard to connect and time is always tight)

Steve Jobs said before his death that he wasted most is health and love. (Despite having a lot of money, he did not have time to realize that early)

It has time to be healthy, there is time to spend with. (May that is what we aim?)
Than an unstabilize body and mind?