Why get married?
To share desires together.
There are 5 things that bring us together:
Eat, sleep, money, lust, fame.
Each person manages a piece, for example:
I have my own home (to can sleep)
I have money (to buy convenience)
I have beauty (to look at)
I have taste (to make food)
Fame can both be shared (to keep each other happy and motivated to live)

Photo by Ann Danilina on Unsplash
Every tree every flower, every house every scene.
The split may vary, but it is best to divide evenly.
That’s just the condition needed to get married (when both are attracted to each other by the difference)
If the family’s goal is just that (keep those 5 things stable)
It is difficult because it also refers to the time of depreciation.

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Damaged house, money in shortage.
Beauty changing, taste boredom.
Feeling of peace, smoothness fades.
Love fades.
In order to keep both of them longer, there must be sufficient conditions. (Both are attracted to one purpose)

Photo by Ben Rosett on Unsplash
Every tree every flower, every house every scene.
The purpose of each pair will be different, but should interesting enough to think about.
At that time, it is possible to refrain from greed, anger, confusion, pride, skepticism, and the misunderstanding of both of them do not deviate too much from each other.
My marriage view is.
Keep the necessary conditions at a simple meal level, a minimalist home, stable money, harmonious colors and soft voices.
Keep the conditions sufficient by eliminating anger, confusion, arrogance, suspicion, misunderstanding.
People with money can keep their identity and their houses less volatile.
People with the right understanding can also keep their identity and the house less similar fluctuations.
Peace of mind is always the first.
Either way, try to achieve.