Facing the challenge of industrial revolution 4.0, people gradually create automation systems that can help people solve all their problems in the most convenient way, but besides that people also stand before the prospect. replaced by those automation systems. At that time, we are forced to choose jobs that are least automated or eliminated or work more efficiently than those systems.

One thing is for sure, the machine works smoothly automatically, but without the energy or maintenance of the human-machine, it is difficult to work long-term. Because of that, machines cannot replace people, and moreover, people can improve their working skills more efficiently and smoothly than machines. Provided they have self-respect, self-respect that we cannot lose a machine, or the machine cannot replace us, from which they perfect their skills to work more efficiently than machines.

Have you ever thought of this scenario, a machine that will lead people into a machine-filled planet or you want to lead this planet because you yourself to this planet is a place for people? Is a devotee without emotion a living city worth living? This is not a distant prospect, there have been many Hollywood movies that have talked about it, whether you are interested, or when it happens you will mind. The accident happens because of heartlessness, just as if it were to happen at times when we didn’t expect it, why don’t we think about it today, about what we did, would do it lead us where to go.

If you think that after losing, we will go to heaven, so what we leave is whether the next generation wants to receive or let them want to go out. What will they think, say, thank us or swear at us about what we do, and sometimes we don’t know what we do for. If we go to heaven, we do not know what we are doing so long as it is as crowded as the earth, and where we will go, find another paradise, another city, like a The invader, deprived of the essence of another place, is there anything different from a bad bacterium?

This is not a question for any world leader, this is a question for everyone. If it depends on someone else’s answer, is it correct? Then one millimeter is wrong when there are many people who listen to that wrong answer. To make sure that the answer is correct, no one other than the individual can answer it. That’s why we live, experience, be asked, learn and answer our questions, not because we listen to other people’s answers, but we don’t really understand them…

A self-reliant person will always try to complete all his questions, not create a system to make requests but without any effort, that makes a person suffer moving, being dependent, enjoying everything, swallowing everything like a bottomless black hole. While people learn and fear black holes, they themselves create their own black holes.