The perform person may be the active person, not active likes to speak endlessly, travel many of passport book.

Active means they master their mind and the body, they don’t have to wait other to tell them their mind should be and their body should do. If they want to update their mind or to practice their body just because they want, not just because others want.

So the active person can manage their result that they are imaging. If something happens to them they are maybe ready for that situation, If something happens outside their preparation, they will learn from that too if that situation happens again they will ready. They always keep in their mind they should be prepared as could as possible so no matter what happens they are still active.

Prepare not come by the angel, prepare come from every time they are free when others are busy. Some people wait to learn and some people ready to learn, which can split them into 2 groups with mean close and open of people, and can lead them to a different destination.

The group of people willing to learn may be the people know each thing a few because they split their time to learn each field a thing, they can master one field but they know they must take place to learn each field a thing to ready every time they want to be master so no matter what situation they are still ready.

To ready, they may be prepared from the class of the school. Some parent needs their kid master of all field at school but there is no need because at that time they had no time to practice or they need to split time to practice. They don’t have to master all at that time but maybe they need to learn all the fields in the medium. So that can give them the basics of all the fields to let them ready (or active) for any situation happens when they ready for any workshop or to begin any relationship in the future.

For some reason, the group of master of one field can be lack for their work and their relationship, because the social always change and situations change following also. So the master of one field can be lack to change following the happens into the society, they can change but they need to take time and place but some of the reason outside they cannot enough their time and their place to change.

To rolling the social not come by one person it’s come by every single person into that society. To work with them or to talk with them they have to know the basics of each of them if not there will be difficult for all of them. In modern society nowadays, money can solve most of the situation, but it’s cannot solve the main situation. It’s the connection.

Few people can connect most of the master of one field because they maybe know how to work or to talk with each of them. That concept seems to be good but it has the problem If the connect person leaves away then most of the master of one field can be lost the connection will the rest also. That’s some of the companies fail because they have the connection person or the connection person leave. That’s why the connection person is very important nowadays.

In society, the connection is more important more than that because they may be the lead of the country. They have to connect most of the lead of the company. If the society doesn’t have the sense to connect with every single company and the company doesn’t have the sense to connect with every single of the master the society and the company are hard to rolling in long miles.

The master of one field is important cause they can work effectively but the connection knows each field a thing is more important. Keep in mind that the connection can adaptable when they need, but the master can be hard to take time to rolls back the basic. So there’s position can change depending on the situation, they just need to know who they are and respect others.