I blogging since Yahoo 360, then I have time to use Tumblr, Medium and currently, I use WordPress.

fountain pen on black lined paper
Write to systematize.

I write a blog to share my personal thoughts, I think everyone should write a blog, the purpose of blogging is to systematize what we have received at that time in some problem, in the future, we can reread and rewrite the things we have received at that time then continued to rewrite the thought has not penetrated.

MacBook Pro near white open book
Write to reread.

If we reread and it remains the same then I think it is a problem to consider, it proves that we are stuck and cannot continue to think about it more unless we have penetrated the truth of everything. If not, then we must have to change, update, challenge our thoughts frequently, if not penetrating means we did not go anywhere.

person using black typewriter
Write to thinking.

Blogging is a way of thinking, as a writer, every blog post always has a title, an openness, a body (including evidence, prove), a conclude. If a blog post missing one of these elements, then the thinking is somewhat flawed, omission leads to misleading, a sentence wrong goes a mile wrong, that small omission can lead to major revision.

photo of library with turned on lights
Write should write the truth of self.

Write, it is best to write the truth of self, write the truth of self of our thoughts, write in all aspects, to write about everything in life, sweet fruit will be an open mind, because wrote can improve progressing it continuously, rather than just reviewing other writings, being read lead to the dependent thinking, the dependence makes the limited visibility.

For these reasons above, I think that blogging is very interesting, so I think you should write for yourself and you should read for reference.